Helping make the Halloween experience more accessible

RE/MAX is partnering with Treat Accessibly to make the Halloween experience more accessible.

Steps to Participate

1: Sign up and your address will be pinned/added to the Edmonton / Sherwood Park Maps allowing people to know which houses are participating.

2: Decide how you want to participate:

  • We will drop off a string and bell/horn that can be hung at the edge of the steps making it easy for young trick-or-treaters that cannot get up the stairs to ring on Halloween night.
  • Or, agreeing to set up your treats so that every child can get to you. For example having a table outside, or setting up a basket for children to be able to easily access the treats.

3: We will be dropping off as many lawn signs as we can to all of those who sign up.
In the case we run out, we will also send out a link for a print out that can be printed off and attached to a chair and set outside or using two sheets of paper glued to a couple sticks.

On Halloween night you will be supporting a great cause!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zero! Free!

For the Edmonton and Sherwood Park areas, Derek will be picking up as many signs as possible and delivering these together with a bell or horn that can easily be hung from the steps to allow for anyone not able to get up the stairs to be able to honk the horn or ring the bell.
In the case we run out of signs to distribute, we will be send out a link to the print out a sign that can easily be displayed on Halloween that can be used together with the bell/horn provided.

Your address will be pinned on a map together with other houses that are participating. This way young trick-or-treaters that would have trouble accessing houses will be able to look at the map and know the route.

The sooner the better. We will need some time to prepare. Generally speaking, the more people that get involved, the faster and larger this will grow to lead to a great success in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

Either look at the main map here and move around to zoom into the location you would like or click the links below for the main areas of Edmonton and Sherwood Park.


The goal of the Treat Accessibly movement is to recruit the participation of 400,000 homes by 2025 – that’s one home for each of the 400,000 Canadian children who have a disability.

Originating in 2017, the Treat Accessibly movement began with a lone yard sign placed at the Toronto residence of 11-year-old Siena, along with her parents Natasha and Rich Padulo. Their objective was to ensure that a young neighbor using a wheelchair could participate in the festivities at their home. This involved eliminating barriers like stairs and distributing treats from the driveway. In order to spread the message about their accessible trick-or-treating setup, they exhibited a Treat Accessibly yard sign in the weeks leading up to Halloween night. To their surprise, Siena, Natasha, and Rich witnessed a remarkable number of community members noticing the sign and joining this movement.

“RE/MAX is extremely proud to support Treat Accessibly, and we’re thrilled to see the movement’s continued growth since we piloted the lawn sign program with our network in 2018,” said Christopher Alexander, President, RE/MAX Canada. “Our offices, agents and the communities around us have rallied to support this program that helps make Halloween a fun night for kids of all abilities, but on a broader scale it reinforces the importance of equality and encourages people to think in a more-inclusive way.”

Derek Keet from RE/MAX Elite, a local Edmonton real estate agent, has taken the extra step in Edmonton to support this initiative in his local area and to support all Edmontonians and Sherwood Park children that would otherwise not be able to experience the Halloween fun.

Derek also comes from a background of working with children internationally with MEF English which teaches young children to Make English Fun. He also supports L’Arche Association of Edmonton in property management. L’Arche aims to create an environment for handicapped individuals to live together in the community with the support they need.

Supporters of Treat Accessibly